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From bathtubs to counter tops, Ft Worth Refinishing provides the services that you need.

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Ft Worth Refinishing is local! We service all areas around the Dallas Fort Worth Area. 

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Nothing tells a story like pictures! Check out our before and after photos for a few of our projects.

Our Services

Bathtub Refinishing

No need to replace. We repair your bathtub’s worn finish so that it looks, and performs, like new again.

Shower Refinishing

From outdated wall colors to damaged shower enclosure surfaces, we repair and refresh your fixtures.

Countertop Refinishing

Extend your countertops’ service life with repairs and an acrylic coating that keeps surfaces functional.

Bathroom Vanity Refinishing

Updated paint, surface repairs, and cabinetry hardware leave your existing vanities appearing like new ones.

Kitchen Counters

Your kitchen counters combat knives, cleaners, raw meat bacteria, and more, leaving them worn out.

Ceramic Tile Refinishing

Using professional bonding agents and equipment, we can give your ceramic tile its sheen back.

Porcelain Repair 

Stop leaks without replacing. Get the porcelain repairs that you can depend on for your bathroom or kitchen.

Fiberglass Repair

Don't remove your bathtub or shower, let the professionals repair the fiberglass in your bathroom or kitchen.

We Are Local

• Arlington
• Fort Worth
• Mansfield
• Mid-Cities
• Bedford
• Hurst
• North Richland Hills
• Keller
• Grapevine
• Irving
• Grand Prairie
• And the immediate surrounding areas.

Bathtub Refinishing Company Fort Worth TX

Bathroom remodeling remains one of the most frequently planned home improvement projects that more Fort Worth, TX, homeowners perform. However, once you factor in your replacement plumbing fixtures and labor, you see the value of bathtub refinishing service providers.
By refinishing your showers, tubs, countertops, tile walls, floors and other items, you can reduce your building costs for affordable upgrades. By choosing the right refinishing company for your home, you achieve many benefits over traditional bathroom renovation methods, including:
• Faster Completion
• Reduced Mess (we clean up after ourselves)
• Demolition-Free Improvements
• Lower Labor & Material Costs By Up To 80%
• Faster Turnaround
• Long-Lasting Results (15 years or more in most cases)
• Materials and labor warranted for 5 years 
• And more.
Call us today to discover how much you could save on bathroom refinishing solutions, and more.

Bath Reglaze Services Fort Worth

Did you know that your bathtub, vanity and shower has a lifespan? Porcelain and enamel tubs last longer than fiberglass, acrylic or cultured marble. Like everything else we don’t notice them change over the years. We don’t see the wear marks, water spots from hard water minerals or the changes in color or yellowing. The finish is no longer shiny due to use and cleaning. 

When you look at the thousands of dollars that remodeling will take compared to the savings of 40% to 90% savings of refinishing over remodeling it makes sense to look at our affordable refinishing services for your bathroom. Take a look at our services including:

• Bathtub Refinishing
• Refinish Porcelain Bathtub
• Bathtub Repair Fiberglass
• Ceramic Bathtub Repair 
• Ceramic Tile Reglazing
• Bathroom Sink Refinishing
• Shower Remodeling
• Bathroom Vanity Refinishing
• Counter Top Refinish
• Floor Refinishing
• Surface & Fiberglass Repair

Choosing our team for your bathtub fitters proves the cost-effective approach to bathroom restoration time and again. For the affordable way to keep your bathrooms in peak condition, choose our bath and shower refinish contractors today.

Bathtub Resurfacing / Refinishing

When you choose to refinish bathtubs or showers, it means eliminating the need to hire an expensive contractor. Best of all, it will look like new, and last for years compared to cheap subcontractors or diy tub paint kits at stores.
Removing the unit altogether involves shutting off the water, ripping out drywall, and possibly damaging the flooring around the tub and the walls. For the faster and more effective approach to renovating your bathrooms, choose us at Fort Worth Refinishing.

Refinish Porcelain Bathtub

Refinishing your porcelain bathtub involves using an acrylic urethane material that creates a new surface that looks new. Best of all, the acrylic urethane looks and performs nearly like the original material, or better, making the difference virtually unnoticeable.
Our team applies a high tech acrylic material designed for bathrooms as well as kitchens and when cured provides a seamless surface that is resistant to mold, mildew and dirt. Once completed, your family and friends may not know that you didn’t exchange your existing bathtub for a newer model.

Ceramic/Porcelain Tile Reglazing

Ceramic/porcelain tile refinishing is the ideal process for modernizing bathrooms with old, dingy walls, countertops, or floors without having to replace the tiles. Instead, after a thorough cleaning, repair and room prep a high tech acrylic urethane finish is applied directly to the tiles and grout, eliminating the yearly chore of removing and replacing the caulk and scrubbing the mold and mildew from the grout. Once completed the bathroom looks clean and fresh and with the modern stone like finishes available you can create a custom look, too.
Rather than the mess that a complete tear out and remodel will create and the cost, time and inconvenience that hiring a contractor can cause, a complete refinishing job in custom colors can save you time and money.

Bathroom Sink Refinishing

Over time, the bowls of your cultured marble bathroom sinks can crack, stain and wear away, leaving a rougher finish for nasty stains and grime to stick to daily. And while you could add more elbow grease each time that you clean which eventually won’t help the look, you could refinish them in a day in most cases.
Whether you struggle with a tired look, lingering stains, unsightly cracks, or other blemishes, we can help eliminate them all. For the fast and affordable way to enhance your older bathroom sinks, choose our refinishing contractors today for like new results.

Shower Refinishing

Shower refinishing restores your existing tile, cultured marble or fiberglass to like new condition. Refinishing can save you up to 70% over remodeling your shower. Most showers can be refinished in a day and be in use the next morning. When your shower has been refinished your maintenance no long means the monotonous job of scrubbing the grout, removing and reapplying caulk. Your maintenance is now just cleaning.

Bathroom Vanity Refinishing

Bathroom vanities remain the primary focal point for your bathroom, but even they get old and tired looking. Unfortunately, replacing them with a new unit can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars, to several thousand. Rather than rip them from the wall and the struggle to get the new one in, we can refinish instead. We leave your bathroom vanity looking like new, all at a fraction of the time and the expense of replacing.

Kitchen Counter Top Refinish

Counter top repair and refinishing prove the ideal way to upgrade and enhance your bathrooms, kitchens, and more. We offer countertop refinishing services for your outdated, worn, damaged kitchen counters in laminate, Corian© and tile.
Countertop refinishing, similar to bathroom services, goes through a step by step process of cleaning, repairing and covering before the application of our bonding agent followed by multiple coats of durable, high tech acrylic urethane finish. Before you tear out and replace your countertops and backsplash, we can help you save up to 90% over replacement with professional countertop refinishing

Tile Shower Repair

Cracked walls and shower pans remain some of the most common shower repair needs for many homeowners.
If not addressed can result in a need for the repair and/or replacement of the walls and may include the studs as well. From standing stalls to walk tub units, we can repair damaged and/or leaking walls and shower pans.
A few cracked tiles or missing grout don’t need to spell the end of your entire shower. Refinishing saves you more over replacement. Choosing our company to repair your shower tile is your cost-effective approach to bathroom maintenance needs.

Bathtub Repair Fiberglass

Few companies are able to properly repair cracks in your fiberglass, acrylic or cultured marble bathtubs or showers. We start by cleaning the surface around the crack and then apply our bonding agent to ensure a permanent repair. Then we apply a special fiberglass resin followed by fiberglass mat and then more resin. After we work the materials until we’re satisfied with the result we harden it in about 10 minutes. The next step is to sand the repair and feather the edges until the entire area is as smooth as possible. We know this is not going to be perfect at this point so we apply a skim coat to the repaired area to ensure a nearly perfect surface. Then we apply our bonding agent again to ensure adhesion of the topcoat and spray on a color matching acrylic material. This results in a nearly invisible repair that should last for years. We will guarantee it for 2 years.

Choose Fort Worth Refinishing now for the best bathroom and kitchen refinishing services.


Our Testimonials

Cheryl Hixenbaugh
Cheryl Hixenbaugh
We purchased a "new to us" home and didn't love the tile in our master bathroom. It was in great shape, just ugly! Ft. Worth refinishing came in and transformed our bathroom with their tile painting process! Totally updated our room at 1/4 of the price to rip out and replace! Thank you!
Mabel Fuller
Mabel Fuller
We love our new bathroom, awesome service and friendly staff! Thank you so much!
Salma Taher
Salma Taher
Very professional , upfront and clear. Explains the process well so you know what you’re getting Into. Highly recommend
Lee Flores
Lee Flores
I definitely recommend it! Full professionalism from the creation of the offer to the final acceptance. Very good cooperation with architect, who was able to create a bathroom design in line with my expectations. The whole team was very involved in the construction of the apartment.
Used this co. twice. Both times great work. Great pricing. On time. Friendly. Doesnt bs people. I would use this co. again, if needed.
Andy Evans
Andy Evans
They were professional, reasonably-priced, and did an amazing job. I already referred them to another neighbor in my building. If you are thinking of refinishing, go with Fort Worth Refinishing team. You won’t regret it.
Ellie Berry
Ellie Berry
Fort Worth Refinishing was courteous and provided me with several options to consider. I am very pleased with the results. They refinished a 50-year-old bathtub that had chips in it. Following that, I was able to rent the property right away. A fantastic value for the outcome.
Solomon Mitchell
Solomon Mitchell
I cannot speak highly enough about them and their work! The tile work is stunning, and I'm finally getting to enjoy the whirlpool tub I've always wanted but never had. They performed an excellent job of communicating with me throughout the process.
Karen Donahue
Karen Donahue
Fiberglass tub/shower insert looks brand new. So good!!! They also did the vanities and sinks. All look brand new. A++ Couldn’t be happier. They were so professional, timely and proficient.
Ramona Page
Ramona Page
The staff performed an outstanding job refinishing our two bathtubs in one and a half days. He thoroughly cleaned up after. I'll use this business again.

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