Bathroom Vanity Refinishing

Fort Worth Refinishing will renew and restore  your bathroom vanities  faster and for less than hiring a contractor. Your vanities will look new, last longer, and have a better finish than the original.

Bathroom Vanity Refinishing in Fort Worth TX

Faster Completions

Straightforward Remodeling Projects

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No Demolition Work Needed

Cleaner Renovations

And more reasons to choose us.

Many houses have builder-grade vanities. They look great when new but, after a few years they have fine scratches from cleaning and daily use. 

They may have started to yellow. The reason why is because of the material from which they are made. The base is a resin that has been poured into a mold that has been sprayed with an epoxy gel coat. The epoxy is very thin, soft and impossible to repair. 

Refinishing can make a huge change in what it can look like. We have many different finishes that resemble sand stone, granite and many others. In a day we can make your vanity look completely different. Give Ft Worth Refinishing a call at

Why Choose Bathroom Vanity Refinishing?

The typical bathroom remodel project can quickly run $10,000 or more. We can save 60% to 90% of that to make your bathroom look very different. But, let’s take a look at just one part of that remodel, the sinks and counters, or vanities. Starting with the cost, we can save you around 50% and more over replacement.

Most vanities we see are cultured marble. We also see tile vanities and the occasional laminate and we successfully refinish them all. Because we don’t rip anything out of your living spaces, there’s no possible drywall, floor or plumbing damage to pay for, either. Best of all, you can choose from dozens of finishes to match your current or new decor. Contact us at Fort Worth Refinishing and experience the best in bathroom vanity refinishing

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