Shower Refinishing

Fort Worth Refinishing provides the best in local shower refinishing solutions that leave your bathrooms looking new without having to pay more to a contractor. By addressing the problems like cracking or missing grout, cracked or chipped tile, leaking shower pans, we can restore your shower to like-new condition and appearance in a few hours.

Fort Worth TX Shower Refinishing

• Lower Costs

• Less Time To Be Inconvenienced

• No Demolition

• Like-New Appearance

• Custom Color Options

• Long Lasting Finish

One reason why some homeowners seem skeptical over a refinishing job is poor results seen from the budget refinisher and the DIY kits. We have spoken with many homeowners who are frustrated by the budget refinisher that suddenly disappears when there is a question about the shower. We’ve spoken to many homeowners that are in a state of shock after talking to a contractor about the price of a new shower. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Ft Worth Refinishing is not going to put a temporary band-aid on your showers. We refinish your showers with expert solutions and top quality materials. By cleaning the surface thoroughly, repairing failing grout, cracked or chipped fiberglass, tile or cultured marble, we correct and prepare the surface for our refinishing process. When completed, you will have a fresh, clean, modern surface that will last for many years. How many? With normal use your refinished shower should last 12 to 15 years according to laboratory testing.

Best of all, the process takes less time, giving you possession and use of your bathroom sooner. Choose our team to assist you with your bathroom renovations. You can enjoy:

How Does Shower Refinishing Work?

We carefully follow a step by step process starting with the removing of anything that will prevent the finish from sticking to the surface.

This is a 2 step cleaning process followed by any repairs that may be needed. All the old caulking is removed and replaced. 

The entire bathroom is thoroughly covered in plastic, paper and tarps to protect your home. An exhaust fan is brought in to prevent any odors from overwhelming you in your home. 

Now. the application of our bonding agent and finish is performed and the job is completed. 

When done correctly the process results in a finish that is fresh, clean and durable lasting for many years and is warranted for 5 years for failure to adhere.

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Upgrading your bathroom doesn’t need to cost a fortune, just hire us. 

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