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Bathtub Refinishing

At Fort Worth Refinishing, we make the process simple and straightforward with experienced, professional technicians and by using top quality materials and tools. From helping you breathe new life into an outdated bathroom to keeping your bathtub functional and stylish for many more years call us today at 817-633-9100.

Bathtub Refinishing Fort Worth TX

Fewer Material Costs

Less Labor Hours

Reduced Completion Times

Enhanced Protection

Extends Bathtub’s Service Life

Environmentally Friendly Upgrades

Many homeowners throughout the Fort Worth, TX area intend to upgrade their bathrooms at some point for better resale value or, just because they are unhappy with the condition, color or the overall appearance. However, when they discover how much it will cost to replace their bathtubs, they soon seek out our bathtub refinishing service.

By refinishing the existing bathtub in your home, you can save time and money, a lot of time and money. It’s just a matter of hours for your bathtub to look and feel virtually new again. Refinishing your bathtubs make more sense over replacing them.

Our team can stretch any home improvement budget with affordable solutions and lasting results. Give your bathrooms the best without destruction. Save more when you upgrade your bathrooms now.

What are Bathtub Refinishing Services?

There is an alternative to throwing out your bathtub because the years of use and accidental damage have made it look tired, out of date or worn out. Throwing out that perfectly useful bathtub leads to a significant expense and days of inconvenience. Most of the time a complete tear out remodel is unnecessary.

Surface stains, caused by soap scum, rust, chemicals, yellowing and hard water mineral deposits take a toll on the surface of your bathtub especially if it isn’t a cast iron/porcelain material, the hardest material available but, it can cause even porcelain to look tired and worn out.

Signs of aging, like cracks, yellowing or stains in fiberglass or cultured marble, chipped porcelain which can cause rust spots or a dull, tired enamel finish can be restored to a like new appearance or change colors to reflect your style. 

The damage is corrected to not only make it look new but to prevent the repair from failing. All the latest materials and processes are used to ensure a long lasting, unseen repair. Then, to make sure the beautiful finishes do not fail to stay on the surface we apply our bonding agent to guarantee the finish stays where applied. Only the best acrylic urethane finishes are used to guarantee a long lasting, durable, beautiful result. We don’t want you to think that the job will last only as long as the warranty. It should last well beyond that.

Why Refinish My Bathtub Instead of Replacing It?

To tear down and remove your existing bathtub, and then replace it, would cost you thousands of dollars. Worse yet, it usually only the beginning of your renovation project. Then there are the tiles above your bathtub that have to be replaced, or it may be the current floor doesn’t cover a noticeable area next to the new tub and now needs to be replaced, or the hole in the wall that happened during the job and the… Well, sometimes it never seems to end.

Refinishing your bathtub makes it beautiful again but, that’s not the only benefit. It extends the useful service life by 12 to 15 years and more according to laboratory testing. Refinishing can extend the life your bathtub and bring back the new look it had when it was installed.

Refinishing your bathroom helps you save money, and it’s far less invasive as well. Rather than shutting down your bathroom for days on end, we can complete your bathtub within hours in most cases and you can use it the next morning.

A bathtub refinishing job can eliminate the need for a full renovation project. When you need a straightforward and cost-effective approach to upgrading your bathroom, choose Fort Worth Refinishing for better results.


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